Name: Zella
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Keeper of the moon....mostly
Height: 5'4"
Birthplace: Black Shroud
Blood type: 0+
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Sexual Preference: Mainly Submissive. Will dom on occasion.
Personality: Helpful, clumsy, curious, playful, sometimes distant,
indecisive, quiet, sarcastic, teasing, a bit mischievous.
Quote: "The best thing about memories is making them."
Stage song: Highsociety: New Drug


Born into a small hunting community sharing hunting territories with the Gridanians her early life was mostly peaceful. Raised primarily by her mother, and never knowing her father, she learned basic hunting and healing techniques needed by the group.One night a group of coeurl claws entered their camp and demanded they hand over their supplies. A fight broke out and the coeurl claws descended on them killing most of the group including her mother. She was taken captive and when she resisted she was hit in the face with the blunt side of one of the attacker's swords knocking her out and leaving a prominent scar across her nose, a permanent reminder of that night.After Swethyna hearing of the attack, she and her fellow wood wailers searched and rescued her a few months after the attack. This decision was controversial as the Keepers are generally incorrectly labeled as poachers trespassing in the Shroud.After her recovery she joined the conjurer's guild wanting to isolate herself from her past. While she was proficient at healing, she never felt accepted in the guild. Many people believed what happened to her was deserved and was a punishment for defiling the twelveswood. The small orange horns on her head didn't help matters much. Some say they mean she has ancient Drivanian blood coursing through her, others say it's proof that she is a monster.Later she ran into a dancer performing in Limsa and after the show she was offered a chance to learn the craft. She took the opportunity seeing it as a chance to escape her past and find a place to belong. Soon she realized the duality of her new profession. All were capable warriors, some were even more capable courtesans. She would end up falling into the latter category becoming a courtesan and working at several night clubs across Eorzea. That is, of course, when she isn't visiting other clubs stealing their patrons.During a rare outing outside of a club she ran into one of her friends that and was shown a bunch of photography projects she had been working on. The two talked for hours as she was shown the ins and outs of her friends work. This lead her to go out and get her own camera equipment to give it a go herself.While at first her pictures were very plain and well plain terrible she kept at it taking pictures of everyone and everything. Eventually she became adept at it and began making a bit of money on the side. As the days grew on she realized that not only did she enjoy this new hobby but that she could make a living doing it. She can often be spotted with a camera in hand taking pictures of all the good that is still in the world. That being said you can still find her atop a stage from time to time dancing away the night and giving others the warmth that she is known for.

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♥ Loves aggressive / flirtatious people. Snarky and often sarcastic coupled with a dirty mind you can never guess what may come out of her mouth next.♥ Loves flirting and Making people smile. She loves to get to know her clients often listening to their life stories or just the events of their day.♥ Behind her smile and cheerful disposition she hides the pain of constantly putting others before herself while often ignoring her own needs.♥ Her orange horns are proof of her dravanian lineage according to many. The how and why are lost to time as her family was killed before their genealogical history was explained to her.♥ She does not trust easily. Knowing that most people are only looking out for themselves she often keeps herself at an emotional distance sometimes recoiling when she finds herself starting to become emotionally attached to anyone. Despite all this she wants desperately for someone to tear down the walls she painstakingly erected around herself.♥ Curious by nature she is always up for an adventure, she will always take up a chance to find try new things in and out of bed.♥ When she is not working at the clubs she can usually be found flying on her peacock Riku. Riku was abandoned by her mother so she raised her until reaching maturity. When attempting to release Riku back into the wild the feisty bird refused, only to lift the small Miqo'te on to its back flying them both back home. The two have been inseparable ever since.